Dental gift ideas to help your loved ones start the new year with healthier smiles

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Between fruit mince pies and being so busy you forget to brush and floss, the festive season is traditionally the worst time of the year for teeth.

If you’re worried about what gingerbread men, pavlovas or eggnog are doing to your loved ones’ teeth, you can help them to undo some the damage and get back on track in the new year with thoughtful oral health gifts.

Here are three dentist-approved Christmas gift ideas to help kids and adults improve their oral health this Christmas and new year.

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1. Electric toothbrush

Give the gift of oral health this Christmas

There’s mounting research to suggest that electric toothbrushes clean your teeth better than manual brushes, they also make the process easier. This can especially be the case for younger children or people with limited dexterity who may find it hard to use a manual toothbrush effectively.

If your child is a reluctant brusher or brushes for less than the recommended two minutes, an electric toothbrush with a timer, lights, sounds and other features can make twice-daily brushing more appealing, helping kids to fight cavities and avoid fillings in the new year.

We recommend trying an electric toothbrush with a rotating head, as they generally tend to clean better than vibrating heads.


2. Water flosser

WaterPik Water flosser

It’s estimated that roughly 40% of the tooth’s surface is missed when we forget to floss. That’s why daily flossing is important for cleaning the parts of teeth a toothbrush can’t reach and helping to prevent gum disease, but many people find flossing difficult or uncomfortable. Like an electric toothbrush, a water flosser can make the task easier.

These electric flossers direct a stream of water at teeth to remove traces of food and plaque. They designed to feel more comfortable than manual flossing, especially for people with braces or sensitive teeth or gums and they can be especially effective in cleaning prosthetic bridges that connect to dental implants.

3. Home whitening kit gift cards

ZOOM Teeth-whitening-kit

If you or your loved ones enjoy indulging in red wine over the festive season, tooth stains and discolouration may be a concern. A teeth whitening voucher could help you to give the gift of oral health this Christmas. Kelmscott Dental offer professional in-chair whitening and Philips™ ZOOM! home whitening kits which are provided under the supervision of a qualified dentist to ensure their pearly whites are in safe hands.

Our home whitening kits are tailored to the individual with custom-made trays that cover every millimetre of the tooth’s surface for best results and lower the risks associated with some over-the-counter products like gum irritation and chemical burns.

Get in touch with the Kelmscott Dental team today to ask about our teeth whitening gift vouchers. Our dentists can assess your loved ones’ suitability for treatment and make sure teeth are free from decay and gum disease to achieve the best whitening results.

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Taking care of your teeth this Christmas

Healthier christmas

If you don’t want to have to call an emergency dentist this Christmas, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) has tips for avoiding the common hazards of the season and helping you and your family to maintain good oral health. These include:

  • Saving sugary treats for after meals to reduce exposure to acids
  • Avoiding hard lollies like candy canes that can chip teeth
  • Limiting sugary drinks and alcohol that can dry the mouth
  • Brushing your teeth twice a day using fluoride toothpaste
  • Cleaning between your teeth daily using floss or another interdental cleaner
  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • Visiting the dentist for regular check-ups and oral hygiene cleans

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