All-On-4® dental implant costs vary due to several factors including the skill, training and experience of the dentist placing your implants; the technician designing your new teeth; the quality of teeth and dental implants; and treatment plan inclusions.


  1. Skill, training and experience of the dentist

Head dentist, Dr David Norcross has dedicated his career to restoring smiles using dental implants, and has completed many advanced courses in implant and restorative dentistry. Dr Norcross completed a Master Clinician in Implant Dentistry Program from UCLA and gIDE (Global Institute for Dental Education) as well as certificates of residency in Portugal and Melbourne MALO clinics learning advanced surgical techniques in placing All-On-4® dental implants.


  1. Skill, training and experience of the technician

Every All-On-4 fixed implant bridge that we place after surgery is expertly manufactured by our dental technician of over 20 years’ experience, Patrick Barrett-Lennard from Dental Engineering in Perth. Our replacement ceramic bridges are from Australian-based laboratory, Osteon Medical.


  1. The type and quality of replacement teeth

Our dental implant packages offer a number of tooth material options to suit your aesthetic and financial needs. Replacement teeth materials have different strengths, aesthetic features and longevity. Our single-stage approach to All-On-4 teeth involves using a strong, digitally-milled titanium frame to reinforce high-quality acrylic teeth that are placed after surgery. Teeth may last 2 to 5 years before needing to be replaced with another bridge – saving up to $8,000 within the first year of surgery.


  1. Type and quality of dental implants

Perth Dental Implant Centre uses Nobel Biocare (Nobel Parallel CC) dental implants with specially treated (TiUltra™) surfaces which are proven to reduce bone loss. Implants are placed using the clinically-proven All-On-4® technique and connected to Xeal™ abutments which are also specially treated to promote soft tissue attachment*.

*Ferro A, De Araújo Nobre M. All-on-4 concept using TiUltra surface implants and Multi-unit Xeal abutments: Pilot study report. Clin Oral Implant Research 2021; 32(S22):59.



  1. Treatment plan inclusions

All treatment plans include clinical x-rays throughout (excluding a 3D bone scan of $217) and 6-months of follow-up appointments after your surgery. If you choose to upgrade to a longer-lasting zirconia bridge after 3 to 6 months, we’ll itemise this in your treatment plan.