There are 6 stages of dental implant treatment to replace a single tooth. These stages differ slightly depending on the implant solution you choose and the number of teeth that need replacing. Our stages are:

1. Consultation & Treatment Planning
We examine your teeth and gums, discuss your medical history and take a 3D cone beam scan and a digital impression of your bite. These records can be used to pre-plan your surgery and produce a surgical guide that will help the dentist precisely place the implant into in your jaw.

2. Placing Your Dental Implants
On the day of your surgery, your dental implant is placed (either by freehand or using digitally guided keyhole surgery if you choose). Your dentist makes an incision in the gum and carefully place the implant into the jaw bone. The implant is then left to heal under the gum or with a small metal cap or healing abutment.

3. Designing Your New Tooth
After two to three months, your dentist will check that your jaw has properly healed before taking digital impressions for the dental lab to design your crown.

4. Creating Your New Tooth
We arrange for your visit to the dental lab to meet our dental technician who will carefully craft and colour match your new crown to existing teeth.

5. Fitting Your New Tooth
Once your crown is ready, your abutment and crown are attached to the dental implant.

6. Maintaining Your Smile
Six months after your crown is fitted, you attend a follow-up appointment to check your dental implant and crown, then professionally clean and polish your teeth.