Clever ways to substitute sugar

Carbohydrates such as fruit, vegetables, grains and dairy all contain naturally-occurring sugar. Sugar that naturally occurs in foods is slowly digested by the body, and releases a steady supply of energy.

Although, added sugar is the common reason for blowing out the recommended daily sugar intake of 50 grams or 12 teaspoons. Shockingly, around 70% of all packaged foods on Australian supermarket shelves contain added sugar.

Sugar and tooth decay

A diet that’s high in sugar has a negative impact on oral health. This is because sugar combines with the bacteria in the mouth that eats away at the enamel on teeth, causing decay.

“Did you know that a glass of juice and bowl of cereal for breakfast can equal 6 or more teaspoons of sugar?”

Clever ways to substitute sugar

Blog | Clever ways to substitute sugar

High sugar intake has also been linked to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic inflammation and obesity. We recommend adopting a habit of checking food labels for sugar content in packaged foods and reducing overall intake.

Five natural sugar substitutes

In the meantime, here are some sugar substitutes to help reduce your table sugar intake:

  • Frozen fruit such as grapes, blueberries, mangoes and bananas are a sweet addition to a smoothie. Add whole oats, your milk of choice and you’ve got yourself a meal.
  • Medjool dates have a low GI (<55) and are a great way to add texture and colour in baking.
  • Honey is less processed than sugar, has a lower GI (45-64) and contains nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Coconut sugar contains a fibre called inulin, giving it a low GI quality. While it has the same caloric intake as cane sugar, it’s less processed and contains nutrients.
  • Maple syrup is high in sugar but has less calories than honey and contains nutrients and antioxidants.

*These substitutes all still contain sugar but react differently in your body. Always eat in moderation.

Dental Health Week

It’s Dental Health Week from 3rd to 9th August and we’re raising awareness on ‘how much sugar is hiding in your trolley’. For more information about Dental Health Week, click here.

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